My Lockdown leisure.

So, four to five weeks ago, I lost count if I’m honest, but some time ago the world went into lockdown.

I keep seeing things online saying; “start a new hobby,”

“Learn a new language.”

“Be proactive.”

I’m saying do what makes you happy during this weird situation.

It is currently the end of April and I think the whole nation is shocked that here we are still locked down. I had a holiday to Vegas booked for May- when lockdown started, I believed it would all be over by May, holiday would be all systems go.

Oh, how wrong I was.

My holiday has been moved until the end of August which disappointing as it is, it gives me longer to attempt to get myself bikini body ready. So, this is my lockdown mission, my focus. I wake up every day and put on some sort of sports bra which is the only necessary garment trust me, I work out with Gabby Allen on her daily live work out videos or attempt to run a decent distance without stopping (about 3km so far,) then I shower and put my pjs right back on. No makeup, no hair done, lockdown is an ugly sight in my mirror.

I’m also attempting to diet, which is very bland I must say. A high protein, low calorie diet consists of chicken, tuna, loads of siracha and protein shakes. The only reason I can stick to this right now right now is my favourite sushi place is closed and I don’t have my friends asking me to go out drinking, even though the weather is so beautiful- normally I can’t say no to any of this, so I’m finding the silver lining- well attempting to!

Talking of beautiful weather, I can’t decide if this is a blessing or a curse, I love to sit out in the sun and tan myself, but I also love beer gardens, prosecco and girl chat in the sun too. The sunshine makes me miss it all. If it was miserable outside, I would probably be happy inside with Disney plus and Easter egg number 499. You win some you lose some, I guess.

The social side of this lockdown is the thing I miss the most, seeing friends, work friends, going out meeting people- no chance of meeting someone cooped up!!! But this is another reason I decided to use this time to work on myself, save money, enhance my body, my health. – I say this even though I haven’t managed to lose a single pound or inch, but I’m trying!

This is not THE correct way to get through- this is MY correct way of getting through lockdown, the truth is there is no right or wrong way of coping and I know lots of people have different focuses for their day. When I sit out in the garden, I can hear my neighbours arranging their lives around good barbeques and wine, I hear young sisters making up dances, one child has a brass instrument of some sort and is attempting to learn the archers theme tune on repeat! Some of my friends spend their days drinking wine and watching movies, some love to make zoom quizzes and others don’t want to move out of bed- all of which sounds wonderful to me.

Right now, Vegas is my focus- actually let me rephrase that…

Having abs in Vegas is my focus.

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