Rachael Rhodes Random thoughts of the day…

Last night two of my girlfriends and I jumped onto zoom and started a quiz, it’s all fun and games, we had a laugh, a gossip, there were winners and there were losers. As I am not currently producing any great content on social media due to the lack of makeup or social life during lockdown, I wanted to capture this moment on zoom, so I took out my phone and snapped a photo of my laptop screen. I caught that moment in time, that moment where not one person was looking at the screen, not one person was taking a blind bit of notice of each other, we were all staring at our phones on social media. The platform where we give complete strangers the opportunity to have an opinion on our lives. We were spending time with each other but completely ignoring each other. Social media- the name alone is so deceiving; it gives the perception that it would enhance our social lives but let’s be honest- there is nothing ‘social’ about social media.

It’s the same as happy meals- McDonalds’ happy meals, the meal that would make you happy- It is right there in the name, but for me there is nothing happy about a happy meal, it barely fills a hole let alone fulfils hunger let alone bring contentment. Sure, for a child they want the toy I get it but now they may not even get chips- carrot sticks instead! No, for me a happy meal is a side dish to the fat burger I’m going to order as well, burger, nuggets and chips, it’s not a happy meal, it’s a happy addition let’s not make that mistake.

On the subject of food has anyone noticed that chocolate bars are shrinking slowly but surely? Their calories aren’t descending with them though, in fact the calories seem more than ever. Either there has been a huge mistake with the calorie counters, or someone is just being frugal with their portion sizes, either way can we fix this please! I need more crème in my egg, more walnut in my whip and more malt in my teasers!

Another question I always ask myself is who came up with there being seven days in a week, including a two-day weekend? Why not a four-day week and a three-day weekend? That seems fairer right? The months, the hours, the days, they seem so specific, so mathematical, but if time is just something we humans made up  why not make it a bit better for ourselves? Am I missing something?

My final random thought is about animals… can they talk to each other? Is there animal drama in every farm across the world in which we have no idea about? Are there a herd of cows in a field somewhere who frankly can’t stand Karen cow in the next field who just goes on and on about the state of the grass recently? Do sibling animals wind each other up? Are their marriages, and divorces in the animal kingdom? I mean those of us who have had pets know they become a solid member of the family, they can read our emotions, they know what we’re feeling but are they telling the pet next door about all of our woes? Well this one.. I guess we will never ever know.






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