I’m Back!

Well, I’m back.

The last time I posted on this blog was about two years ago maybe?

My life got a little strange so I needed to let it lie, I got on with my life, changed it up a bit and now I’m back.

In that time though I’ve travelled the world several times, had a huge career change, made a successful podcast with my best friend, been back to college and qualified as a journalist, yet for some reason it still feels like I haven’t done much.

I could list thousands of achievements and many crazy adventures that I’ve been on throughout my 20’s yet still, I’ve not done what society expects of me so therefore it feels like I’ve achieved nothing. How annoying.

Even though we are currently living in the 21st century- “the modern era,” there is definitely still that pressure to find a partner, have a baby, get married, land your dream job all before you hit around 30- but what if you don’t want that?

The amount of people who ask about my love life- daily! (Well before lockdown.) And even though my answer is always along the lines of “I’m single but the happiest I’ve ever been,” I still get that sympathetic expression back with the patronising arm stroke and “aww don’t worry you will find someone.”

The reason for this is society’s opinion that you need a partner to be happy. Now I’m not saying a partner can’t make you happy, I’ve had many happy relationships- I have also had many unhappy relationships too. But to put it into simple terms- a partner does not define someone’s happiness. A relationship status is not a symbol of someone’s life achievements. There is more to life.

You see this in societies social celebrations, we celebrate weddings, hen parties, engagement parties, baby showers, christenings, new born babies but we don’t have new job parties, new qualification parties, promotion parties, glad your back from travelling parties- where are the parties for the singletons doing well in life in their own way? I don’t see those cards in Clintons.

A friend of mine who is married in a happy, loving relationship but is also a strong, independent and successful woman tells me that she sees her hubby as a happy addition to her world, she loves him, she wants him there, but she doesn’t need him. I feel this is true happiness.

I have my own goals, my own deadlines, my own achievements and disappointments but frankly if a relationship comes along it’s a bonus, not my status.

I am Rachael Rhodes NCTJ qualified, well travelled, musical loving, party girl who loves sushi and chocolate and in the words of the Greatest Showman- ‘this is me..’

And I’m back!





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