You can run, But…

Have you ever wanted to run away? Been in a situation you simply don’t want to deal with?

For me, I’ve never been the “stalker” type. If someone upsets me, if someone breaks up with me, if someone lets me down ignorance is bliss. Block, delete and move on.

I know some people stalk their enemies or their ex’s every single move. I can’t bring myself to do it. To hurt myself even more. Take 5 steps forward and 4 steps back. No. It’s just not how I’ve ever dealt with things.


What do you do if no matter how much of your ex you block and delete, they still get rammed down your throat at every given moment?

What if no matter where you look your ex is there, with their new love, their new life even when it’s not what you want to see?

Why does no one consider the one left behind in this situation?

I recently went through a breakup. For me it was real, for him it wasn’t. This guy put me through hell and back. The thing is, this guy is in the public eye. Press, fans, everyone knew about our relationship yet thought nothing of writing derogatory headlines, sending me vicious messages, death threats etc. when we were together. Then we ended. Again no-one considered how I would feel, seeing him move on SO quickly, press were splashing their “joy” for his new relationship all over every article not even contemplating the girl left behind they were writing about just days before, heartbroken.

I get it.

Press is press. If an article will sell then f**k the girl who it might break, they have thousands of other readers who will love it. What does one person out of thousands matter?

Shouldn’t I matter?

The thing is I think this is what is wrong in today’s society. Everything is all for the greater good, but is it? Would the thousands people enjoy these articles as much knowing someone’s whole life is falling around them every time they get it shoved in their face too?

I recently went to Hong Kong, booked myself a cheeky holiday, get away for a bit, relax, unwind, explore. Whilst I was there I got countless messages off press and friends and family of the fact my blogs had been dissected by press and splashed all over the place for peoples entertainment. I thought it was all over. It was over for me. I got on the flight to Hong Kong worry free, I came back with a wall of press and questions to answer all over again.

It’s funny all I want to do is scream “LEAVE ME ALONE!” But it’s everywhere. I can’t escape into my own world without it being there like “OH HEY!”

Luckily for me I’m no longer heartbroken or hurt, if anything I can see the super lucky escape I had. Seeing it all is now frankly just irritating, like a grater to my nipples. But my god I’ve had to deal with some crap to get to this point.

But, if I’m not hurt why am I writing this?

I’m writing this because I’m currently watching ‘13 reasons why,’ and it shows you that the slightest comment, disregard, mean article can push someone over the edge. Why is someone’s heartbreak someone else’s entertainment? Whenever I see articles about new couples I always think of the ex left behind, no doubt having it shoved down their throat too, how it takes them 4 steps back from moving on. How it’s real, it’s hard. These people should matter too.

I admit it, I ran, but all it showed me is that no matter where I am in the world. I can’t hide.



3 thoughts on “You can run, But…

  1. You have such a mature outlook on this situation. Hopefully this empowers many other women who go through the same time: to stand tall and be proud. Respect

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