What’s your number?

So today I cancelled an appointment. It was easy. I text the number on my phone with the usual “Sorry! I’ve been called into work, I can’t make it today,” excuse. Then, I blocked the number because frankly I couldn’t be bothered with any reply that could make me feel the slightest bit guilty. I haven’t looked back really.

Isn’t it bad how easy that was? I didn’t have to think about the person behind the appointment, I didn’t even have to receive their response as they are now blocked, they cannot reach me in any way shape or form because they can’t get through to my number and that is all they knew about me, my number… Is that what we all are now? Numbers?

Day to day life, if you’re young free and single, the question always is “how many numbers did you get last night?” Not “how many girls/guys did you chat to?” If you fall out with someone instead of forgiving or resolving anything you block their number, therefore you’ve blocked them out of your life with the press of a button. Scary thought. It’s all about numbers. Making it less personal, more cutting and easier to detach yourself from emotions.

I don’t like it.

As easy as it was cancelling that appointment, I don’t like the disrespect that comes with a number. I’d rather hold my hands up and apologize for day to day problems and be respectfully spoken to by friends and partners, than live with the fear that I’m going to get that fatal text which is so easy to send, so detached, where they never have to look at the consequences and guess what, it can come from anyone at any time.

I have friends in my life I know I’ll get that text off every time we make plans. But vice versa I know I’ve got friends who will never let me down.

If we didn’t have numbers- say, for example you made plans at 9am to meet someone at 3pm that day -frankly there would be no cancelling because you literally couldn’t! You would have to make more effort to not let people down. You would have to face the music good or bad. Unless you stand them up but frankly that just makes you a bad person. If you send a text though- that’s ok? Really? Is it?

The same in relationships, if you never have to face how much you’ve hurt someone it’s easy to cheat, easy to walk away instead of working hard for each other during bad times and easy to never look back. Never face the consequences of our actions!

And we wonder why so many relationships fail in 2018.

Think about it… think about the person, not the number! So I ask….

What’s your number?

Mine is Rachael Rhodes ❤

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