2018.. And I’m feeling good.. Finally!

It’s March 2018.

3 months in and it feels like it’s been a lifetime. If I could start this year all over again -I 100% would. BUT.. I’ve got a feeling from now it’s going to be EPIC.

I’ve really gotten into the documentary, “The secret,” Its all about the power of positivity. Feeling positive, positive vibes, law of attraction and do you know what, whether it works or not, at least it has me feeling happy every day.

A lot has happened so far this year and I will soon turn 28 years old, yes I know, lets not talk about that one. They say your life is in cycles of 7 years – so I’m due a revamp. Va Va Voom.

In January I was going through a lot, so to distract myself I worked on my career, for me focus and career is everything, I love being a presenter, I love the journey I’m on and I can’t wait to see what’s to come. I know for me to reach my goal I need to focus on myself and put myself out there! So, my fabulously talented video producer friend, Owain Llyr worked with me to put a fierce show reel together. It took a few weeks but the outcome was definitely worth it. It gave me a little confidence in myself. That boost I needed. AND.. I got to see the journey my hair has been on over the last few years. Questionable to say the least!

So, talking of hair… In February I changed my hair back to its natural colour from blonde for the first time in 14/15 years. It was a huge shock and it definitely has its pros and cons.

Pro- the natural look is back so I’m rocking it.

Con-It gets so greasy sooooo quickly with no dye drying it out.

Pro- It’s got no bleach so it’s much healthier.

Con- When I curl it or straighten it, it only lasts a day, IF THAT.

Pro- I don’t get roots so trips to the hairdressers are a lot cheaper.

Con- All the underneath is snapping and I don’t want to resort to extensions. So any hints or tips would be great!

AND.. I could go on…

But, I am trying to keep it natural to make it healthy for as long as possible, though blonde is calling me back a little I can’t lie. Today I even put a poll on my instagram Blonde or Brunette? And seriously it’s no help at all as its currently at 53% prefer blonde /47% prefer brunette. MEH.

Then, with my revamp, I got a bit happy with my credit card. Yeah, I think we’ve all been there and I was defo in a “me, myself and I” frame of mind. I don’t even regret it! Haha!

Firstly, Ed Sheerans’ tour dates came out and without consulting anyone to see if they would join me, they went straight in my basket. The momentary buzz I got off that confirmation email was addictive in the weirdest way.

So it went on, I wanted it to last so, within a week I’d booked myself a holiday – flying solo- to HONG KONG, the buzz about that one still hasn’t worn off if I’m honest, just thinking about the bottomless sushi brunches, the completely different culture, the fashion, Disneyland and Harry Potter themed bars is making me tingle. 4 weeks today I fly and I never want this excitement to end. It’s good to treat yourself, right? It made me feel SO much better!

You’d think that would be enough right? Nope..

Random Rachael strikes again.

After losing my appetite for a while, it came back with a vengeance. Tuna butties and Cadbury pots of joy where my go to food, breakfast lunch and dinner, with the occasional curry pot noodle thrown in the mix. Sounds vile but hey ho it was what I wanted. So, I went shopping one day for more snacks.. And..

I came home with a saxophone.


A saxophone.

I didn’t forget the snacks either! Obv.

OK, so it’s not AS random as you think, as I am quite musical, a lot of people don’t know that I trained in singing/music at university and since then I’ve taught myself piano. So, it’s a new challenge for me and to be perfectly frank I’m not bad at it, I picked it up quite quickly. It’s just that usually when you nip the shop for sweets you don’t often return with a big brass instrument you carry in a suitcase. But stuff it -I love it. That’s all that matters.

What has this taught me though? When you’re having a bad time spend money?

No.. Focus on yourself.

I now know 2018 is MY year and I’m excited. If you had asked me in January it was NOT my year, February, if I’m honest, got even worse. I’d been the lowest I’ve ever been, which meant one thing. The only way was up -and wow have I changed it round. I focused on myself and now my career is looking pretty exciting *watch this space* I’ve got a once in a lifetime holiday round the corner. Ed Sheeran will serenade me in Manchester in May. And now I’m back doing things I love and that I’m good at for pure enjoyment.

2018 is MY year.. So the only way is UP.. Except for my credit card, yeah the only way is down for that one.. Oops x

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