MY dating rules…

A friend of mine recently appeared on the TV show “First Dates” with a list of 22 rules dudes need to follow to date her. Some people on twitter loved her total honesty, with others it didn’t go down so well.

I’ve got to say I think Jade was only saying what everyone else was thinking- we all have lists, we just don’t necessarily say them out loud. So after some thought I have decided to put together my own list, my own rules, expectations and lay them right out on the table.


  1. NO KIDS – this is an absolute deal breaker for me. I have decided not have any yet so I don’t want to be dealing with my fellas ex crying down the phone every 2 minutes or asking her permission to go on holiday- I’m good thanks.


  1. I cannot bare it when all lads want to talk about is “Ibiza Weekender” whether its “real or set up” etc. etc. – it literally feels like that’s all’s’ your interested in. Boring.


  1. Ambition- I love a dude with ambition. Someone who wants to make the most of himself, be successful, be the best. Only the best for me haha.


  1. Older then me.


  1. No man slags. I cannot be assed batting off bitches every time you go out. If I can keep my self-respect so should you #simple.


  1. Sorry boys but I’ve been out with a lad the exact same height as me before and being 5ft3 it made my life pretty hard, being a lover of MASSIVE heels and all. I think 5ft10 upwards is a good match for me. Hence why I think height on tinder should be compulsory. #justsaying


  1. I love a real gentleman. Someone who is super chivalrous. Knows his manners- like the dudes in Bridget Jones Diary. Polite even when being an asshole -and lets face it every dude has his moment.


  1. I love someone who loves his family. But there’s a fine line between being a family man and a mummy’s boy- trust me! So you need to find it babe.


  1. Ok so looks, this isn’t every thing to be fair because I always end up fancying people I’ve  known for a while more then dudes in a club. But, my type is oh so typical “tall, dark, handsome.” Unlike most girls in my area I love pretty boys. 6 pack, big chest, arms someone who makes me feel super safe when he’s wrapped around me or walking with me. Someone to protect me. Cheesy I know.


  1. But if you really want to get me tingling you need to show me your talent. And no not your wee willy winky. Frankly I’m yet to see a pretty one of those. I mean a real life talent. To me Ed Sheeran is BEAUTIFUL. His sheer talent makes me like him more then dogs like bones. For some reason I find talent my ultimate attraction. So if you cant sing/dance yet -get learning.



After all of this though, all I want is my very own Leonard, a big geek who’s turned good looking. Someone who will watch Harry Potter with me and adores the ground I walk on but makes me laugh so much I pee, someone who I can go to sleep with every night without doubting him in any way. A best mate.


Know anyone? Haha


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