Ladies Day 2017

Aintree Ladies day, 2017. Amazing. I got to wear an absolutely stunning fishtail Jacob Nuttall dress I’ve literally never felt more like a princess in my life, yet for some stupid reason only got like 1 photo. I guess you don’t bother with your phone as much when you are having a ball and that’s exactly what I had.

To say we decided to go last minute is a HUGE understatement. Eating dinner with my friend Melissa 9pm the night before and it was like “shall we go ladies day tomorrow?” yeah why not. Luckily I already had ‘the’ dress at home so it was a quick fake tan at midnight and off we go.

The thing with the races is, it’s all about champagne, fit men in suits EVERYWHERE and thankfully the weather was on our side. We got good tickets so we were in and out the champagne bars like nobody’s business. It’s got such an amazing buzz, everyone is up for a laugh and when you win a bet it’s like winning the lottery- on a much smaller scale! Obv!

The one thing that was upsetting is the majority of men who spoke to us the most were like old fogies. I definitely had a man over 60 rub my bare back with the excuse he was leaning to talk to someone next to me- urgh. He couldn’t have got closer to my bum without actually putting his hand down my dress! What is with that?

Then we found an absolute brat. He fell in love with my friend Melissa, asked her what horse she bet on coz he was going to put all his money on it for her. He only went and won £2000.00 but wasn’t prepared to buy a celebratory thank you drink for her because she has a boyfriend- yes he came over to us with £2000 in his hand and said “I’m not sharing this because you wont give me your number”- go away then you child. Talk about petty! Why bother coming back over then? Fool!

Other then this we had a scream. Made mates with this ginger dude who smelled delightful, everywhere we went after he seemed to just be there chilling, it was so fun! Everyone is equally happy drunk. Managed to squeeze onto a table at Neighborhood in Liverpool- God knows how, it’s literally the best place right now. We got a fat sushi platter so that’s me happy. Sushi is the way to my heart I must say.

It was actually one of my favourite days of 2017 so far, all about drinks, betting, sunshine, fit men and sushi all whilst feeling like a princess. Bring on National 2018 #myperfectday.

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