Why men give men a bad name #trustissues

Ok, so today I was chilling in work, hoody on, curled up, laptop in hand and a dude who used to come in a lot rocked up. I hadn’t seen him in forever so I was like “Hey! Where have you been?” He told me all about his new business venture- a boxing studio. I LOVE boxing. Got into a long old chat about how he’s getting on, when he told me to add his business on instagram. I had my phone handy so I did and said “follow me back so I can message you to book a class.” He went on to tell me how his “Bird” doesn’t let him add girls back and how its hindering his business but that’s how it is and he loves her and their 2 kids together and how she comes first blah blah blah. Fair enough. Stupid to be so protective over a business account, I’m sure Mr. Tesco’s wife or girlfriend doesn’t get offended when females email in enquiries but it’s nice to see a dude adore his girlfriend so much- or so I thought.

No, within about 30seconds to 1 minute of him exiting my work he slid right into my DM’s – hang on I thought he wasn’t allowed to add me back but he thinks messaging me “OMG your so sexy, I’ve just seen your profile picture, WOW your profile.” Is ok?

He was happy to tell me all about his love for his girlfriend when I’m in my trackies curled up anonymously in the corner but now I’ve added him on instagram it’s a different story? Coz that’s not attractive to me- at all. I feel sorry for his “Bird.” He seemed so decent and then within a minute proved me wrong. Scum.

The problem is, this isn’t a rare occasion. In fact most lads I have grown to know has proved themselves guilty of this one way or another. A lad I loved for years and years, I thought he was the ultimate man, starting messaging me asking for private photos years after we had ended and years into his relationship with someone else. Did I tell her? No, did I want to? Yes. Why didn’t I? I guess I still loved him at the time. Though I did call him out on it.

Even on twitter I get married men sending me seedy messages. Chivalry is dead and social media killed it. If social media didn’t exist we wouldn’t have DM’s to slide into, or messages to find that can break hearts. The question I have is does it usually work? If lads have a girlfriend and slide into another girls DM’s- does it get them anywhere? Do girls accept that crap because for me it takes a lad from a solid 10/10 to a pitiful 2/10.

Don’t get me wrong I know this isn’t every single dude, but it’s defo lads you don’t expect it from. I know girls can be bad too, but from all my experiences I think ill stay single for a long time. #trustproblems.

2 thoughts on “Why men give men a bad name #trustissues

  1. Amazing Rach! Not all us lads are that way, i like how you pointed that out, sometimes we all get tarnished with the same brush unfortunately. Social media has absolutely ruined trust and the foundation of a relationship! And mainly it is lads you’re right. some lads are disgusting when they claim to love someone and there here, there and everywhere messaging other girls X-Rated shit. PS you’re rants are the best, we all love a good rant haha x


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