The Reality of Reality.

Ok. Here goes. Something I’ve thought of writing about for a while. Reality TV.

I was on a TV show called The Ibiza Weekender. A show about holiday reps finding their way through a season in Ibiza, the drama, the guests the love and the lies.

Being honest, I had NO IDEA what I was letting myself in for when I agreed to do the show. Had no idea how it worked or what was expected, Id had my heartbroken by a dude who moved to Ibiza without telling me. This was my closure. So less than a week after my phone call I was on that flight.

I had an absolute ball! Best thing I ever did (season 1, not season 2) I didn’t realize at the time there were people with me who knew exactly what to do, how to make a “story line.” Keep them relevant to get airtime. I say this because Weekender is different from a lot of reality shows in the way that it is not half as set up as other realities, your storyline isn’t written for you. It’s a show with fly on the wall cameras and your basically left to your own devices. We make the plot as we go along. I was lucky I fell into a storyline but I was so wrapped up in having a ball I hadn’t even figured that out.

What that story line was is irrelevant, but I remember vivdly as we wrapped some advice given to me..

You will now be seen as a cartoon character not a real person, and people will assume your filthy rich so god help you if your on public transport.

This was the best advice I was given. It’s called reality TV. It’s real life situations, real life people and real feelings. Yet, on social media the criticism and abuse you get is actually scary. From how you look, to (in my case) whether I’m actually scouse (I am.) To how much someone hates you that they want you dead. REALLY? I’m not a character on a TV soap. I’m a real person and I just let you see the real me on national TV, its crazy to think being young, drunk, maybe kissing the wrong person, people can HATE you that much. Haven’t we all been there? How does this affect your life?

Anyway, public transport- I’ve not had that problem as such because I drive but, I went to Primark the other day with my girl Melissa off Ex on the Beach. Twitter went off ripping into us for being there. Why aren’t we meant to shop Primark? The same way the people who are tweeting us are? We love a good bargain like the rest of you? Primark is boss. Unless you’re the Gaz’s or Charlottes of reality world, we probably earn about the same as the average person as well.

Now one way reality has affected my life is jobs. Its hard to walk out of a world in the public eye as a personality on TV and walk into a serious job, to be taken seriously. They just watched you snogging some random dude on TV last night (thank god that’s all I did) and there you are in a suit, poshest voice at the ready trying to look like butter wouldn’t melt. It just doesn’t work. You don’t get paid for doing nothing once the show has wrapped, how can we make money? Luckily for me I found my calling in presenting. I absolutely love it and it sort of does go hand in hand with being “a personality” -someone relatable, though it did take me some time to find that and not everyone is so lucky. Think about it, reality TV people, what do they do? Some have shops or brands, a lot don’t. They rely on public appearances. How long will that last? At the end of the day it’s reality TV, anyone can do it, you don’t need a talent so if your looking up to people on your TV thinking I wish I could do that, you definitely can! To be honest it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Would I do it again? Probably not. Has it helped me find my way to my perfect career? Yes. But I’ve also watched it ruin other peoples so be careful. It’s not all fun and games. It can hurt. #noregrets.

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