If you could.. Would you?

So, here I am, it’s 9am Friday night and I’m in bed, alone, bottle of prosecco and walnut whips in hand. I’m happy. Milling over life when I had a thought, if I could change back time and be born a boy, would I? Well, would you?

This week we have witnessed Lewis Bloor get caught out brutally cheating on Marnie Simpson. A tweet thrown about a lot was;

You have no idea how much that screws with a girls head, for years and years.”

I believe this is true and don’t get me wrong I know girls can cheat and break hearts too. But we live in a world of double standards. A lad sleeps around and gets upmost respect, a girl sleeps around and she’s labeled a whore who deserves no respect. What? How is that fair? It’s not, but it IS the world we live in.

Would this make me want to change sex? Live a life where I can slag around? Do what I want? Be able to detach myself from catching feelings when getting close with someone? Maybe! It would have saved me a lot of heartache. This is what annoys me. I can only date, kiss, talk to, and get with people I actually like- so when it all goes to pot it hurts. Why does it fall apart though? Usually the lad in question hasn’t gained any feelings for me so drops me like a hot potato when something easier lands on his plate! He usually tries to get close with me again on nights out and then I never hear from him. Such a horrible feeling, feeling used. Yet its typical 21st century ideology, not committing to one person just incase something better comes along. That just doesn’t work for traditional girls like me. So if I could swap places with lads in this case I 100% would. Flitting from one person to another, its not nice, but the lads in this case defo get an easier life. Ignorance is bliss I guess. If you don’t know your hurting someone then are they even hurting?

Why wouldn’t I swap sex to a boy then? Makeup. That is my answer simple as that. I love those memes where its like go home with a 9 wake up with a 4. It’s the magic of makeup and I love it. It’s bad for lads, they literally don’t know what they’re investing in, or how their kids will look, (if it goes that far,) but it is OH SO GOOD for us girls. Some days I fancy looking au natural, bit of mascara, concealer and gloss- bull’s-eye. Yet some days I want to look sultry and sexy, some days cute and funny- It’s actually amazing how much makeup can transform you. At the end of the day, if I knew a lad I really fancied was out tonight, yet I had a great big spot, huge bags and blotchy face, I’d just say makeup me up girly. Its nothing a bit of contour and smokey eye can’t sort out. Where if a dude looks deathly, its there on a plate for the world to see if he fancies a girl or not. Dudes don’t tend to rock up on nights out, complete with a full estee lauder double wear face, finished with contour and mascara. If you’re ugly, you’re ugly -it’s out there! So us girls know exactly what we are dealing with haha. And the outfits, girls can wear all sorts of gorgeous numbers, sexy dresses, playsuits, sequins, accessories, a lad could wear the same suit for a year, I’m not sure who would even notice. Plus the best part of the night has got to be getting ready, with the girls, prosecco in hand, tunes blasting. The rest of the night is just an added extra. Trust me.

So there we are, pros and cons, best thing about being lads and the best thing about being girls, in my eyes. Lads don’t catch feelings as easily as girls seem to, but girls do cheat as well. So ill think ill stick being a Rachael, not a Raymond.. At least then, I can cover my teary face with a mask when my heart is broken.

If you could swap over to the other side.. Would you?

3 thoughts on “If you could.. Would you?

    1. Why comment if you’re just going to impose negativity?! Keep it to yourself and enjoy the blog/post #moron


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