YES.. IT IS 2017. I know I’m a month late, but lets not count January eh! New February, new me! I’m determined to get my bikini body back for one- I was looking at photos from 10 years ago on holiday and wondering when it all went so wrong? February, new month- new start. So I started back at the gym and cut out bread from my diet. It has to work right?

Ok so the gym, step 1, I joined up; I feel this alone should make me drop a few pounds no?They take my money it should be working? That’s my lazy mentality right there because step 2 you actually have to turn up and use it! Now I’m lost in a gym me, I think all of the machines look exactly the same, i.e. scary! They look like I could get squashed and decapitated at the same time with one wrong move basically- So I’m a super cool kid who rocks up with my Dad at 8am to go boxing instead – dream team right there and guess what? I actually try to avoid the hunky men, (its not often I’ll say that line) but it’s mostly because at this ridiculous hour of the morning I’m still deathly looking, half my spots are on show, I’m probably still wearing the clothes I slept in last night and my hair hasn’t seen a brush in 24 hours!! You see I have that morning battle with myself -makeup or sleep? I resign myself to the saying – girls mustn’t wear makeup to the gym, it looks stupid and it means you love yourself, so, I choose sleep. Frankly when I arrive I feel to rub my face on the girl clever enough to shovel some on before she left the house, but I never learn! She doesn’t love herself!!! She’s kind enough to not force other people to feel the wrath of her pillowface! Duh!

So I started back to the gym last week.. 2 days in a row, 8am I was there like a pro giving it absolute beans and by day 3 I COULD NOT WALK!!! What is with that?!?! Literally, even changing to 2nd gear in my car -I would have to scream and breathe through it like a pregnant woman, gasping for gas and air! Sneezing brought tears to my eyes and climbing the stairs introduced me to muscles I never knew I owned! URGH

So the gym- is it good for you? Well there’s nothing good about waddling around work like you pooped your pants, ill tell you that now! But if that’s your thing- good for you!

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