Celebrity Goals or big misses?

Celebrities, what can I say? As much as I pretend I don’t love a bit of celebrity gossip I’m the first person clicking on those links to find out why Kim Woodburn BURNED Philip Schofield live on ITV’s “This Morning.” Or looking for evidence of Cheryl and Liams “supposed” baby news, erm, please just announce it already! People will stop speculating about it then! Do Cheryl and Liam really think no-one would notice if they popped a child out no? It baffles me totally.

Anyway talking of baby news, Beyoncé and Jay Z have announced they are expecting TWINS!!! That is amazing! CONGRATULATIONS… to those twins for winning the parent lottery right there! Imagine being born into a world of endless money, respect and sun! What a life. I know loads of people say, “I’d hate that me?” <- That’s called jealousy! Jealousy and nothing more so shush. I love Bey and Jay, they keep their relationship super private and that’s probably why they’re so strong. No screen shots of dirty DM’s getting flaunted all over twitter and neither have pressed unfollow on instagram after a tiff. It works. Beyoncé has definitely won the birthing lottery with that one as well to be fair. Any parent with twins has really, two babies for the price of one pregnancy and one birth. 2 for 1 – literally. A complete little family and not half as much trauma down there! Luck is definitely on their side, along with a whole lot of hard work too though I’m sure.

Now we live in a world dictated by celebrities, and I have to admit I’ve just finished watching celebrity Big Brother with my Mum, it’s a guilty pleasure of ours, even though we actually don’t know who half of the “celebrities” are, I mean you would never find Beyoncé on there like, but it is an ego filled house with ego filled dramas. I.e. BOSS! One thing I realized though is most of the girls in there had bonded extensions, it’s as common as the guests on the Jeremy kyle show having dodgy teeth, we could see them clear as day. I don’t know if it’s the camera angles or bad bondage but frankly I think seeing someone’s extensions is possibly the ugliest trait to look at. Imagine getting up close and personal with a dude for half your hair to fall out in his hand. Erm, I’m ok thanks. I’ll stick to growing it all by myself. But this is another thing I’ve noticed in our celebrity world. So many girls are getting all of their hair cut off into a really cute bob- trying to take us back to 2007, which is fine, they put it all over the press, “new year, new hair.” Great, rock it! -1 instagram post later those extensions are firmly rooted back in to that head! WHAT WAS THE POINT? Really?! Publicity? Trying to be a trendsetter? Do girls really think people believe their hair has grown that quick over night? That only happens in Disney my love and sorry to break it to you, you’re not a princess. #badtimes! Anyway short hair can be super cute, just watch “there’s something about Mary.” Mary gives me ultimate hair envy and its about 3 inches long. It should be called “There is something about short hair.” IE if you have just had it cut, own it please!


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